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Branding & marketing

It’s a digital world. Videos aren’t just a trend. They’re a necessity for any business that wants to grow and have a presence. More than 80% of all companies use video as a branding and marketing tool. 70% of customers say video is the best way to learn about products and services. 
Yes, you can shoot video on your smart phone but it’s rarely effective and customers assume the quality of the video reflects the quality of your business. 
Let us tell the world who you are and what you do. 

Civic Branding

Civic Branding

Branding isn’t just for businesses. Cities and towns are embracing the power of video messaging too. They’re using videos to build their identity and keep residents updated on everything from events to changes in policy. The right video can make a municipality feel accessible, thriving and a great place to live. Let’s talk about how we’ve helped multiple towns and cities share their messages and how we can help your community too. 

Social Media

Social Media & Website Development

From start-ups to established businesses, social media is now key to getting, engaging and retaining clients. And video, again, is a crucial part of those strategies. An executive at Facebook recently said, every single post by 2021 will have video and rarely text. The most successful businesses are posting 5 days a week. Are you? Do they include video? We can help. 

Your website is where all of this traffic from social media tends to be pointed to, so they must be pretty important, right? We build websites from the ground up for our client's who either do not currently have a website, or are ready for an upgrade. We also help optimize and update website's our client's currently have that simply need a refresh or changes made. 

Live Coverage

Live coverage & Streaming

You can’t be everywhere, and travel can be hugely expensive. That’s why live streaming is becoming the new favorite for businesses and event planners too. 
From sporting events to graduations to weddings, Big Bite can do it all with one camera or a large, multi-cam production. If your business is making a big announcement or debuting a new product, do it live and invite the world to watch. Hey, it worked for Steve Jobs and some guy named Ted! 

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